Neungsa, a five-story wooden pagoda built during the Baekje Kingdom (B.C. 18 - A.D. 668), was reconstructed for the “Baekje Historical Village” in Buyeo County, South Chungcheong Province, South Korea. (source)

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소조십이지상 / Molded earthly branches figures, United Sinra

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청자도형연적(靑磁桃形硯滴) / Celadon inkwater holder with peach design, 12th century


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1. Elegant and beautiful silk hanbok for Spring. With its gorgeous pastel-toned colors and high-quality silk, this hanbok is just stunning!

2.Gorgeous and elegant hanbok dress for brides who are planning their special weddings on Spring. Lace top and pastel-toned skirt will generate very feminine and fresh atmosphere.

3.Pastel-toned Spring hanbok generates such feminine and fresh atmosphere. With many layers of beautiful colors, this hanbok skirt is just gorgeous!!

4.Glamorous Korean traditional hanbok named hwalot. With hand-embroidered flowers and golden decoration on romantic pink dress, this hanbok maximizes glamorous and adorable look of hanbok. It’s just breath-taking!


Hanbok is a Korean traditional custom that people still wear nowadays for special event. HanbokLynn, a Korean fashion design company, mixes modern and the past in a very smart way so that people would still love to wear hanbok. More photos are available at
Instagram: @hanboklynn

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Wonban (round table)


19th century

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